VIPAWA offers reliable law services to individual and corporate clientele in Tanzania. Our law services encompass a broad spectrum of corporate and individual requirements of legal counsel. To this extent we offer legal counsel and advisory in the following areas:

Labour Law

We offer legal services in the domain of labour law as applicable in Tanzania to enable client companies resolve labour disputes in courts of law and effective compliance of labour laws. Our service are aimed at offering solutions to challenges pertaining to settlement of labour disputes, white collar position grievances and violation of HR policy and procedures by individuals and groups.

Tax Law

We offer legal counsel to corporate and individual clientele for end to end tax management while adhering to the tax law and business regulatory framework applicable in Tanzania. We offer legal aid and representation in matters pertaining to corporate income tax, wealth tax, capital gains taxes, VAT with an aim to reduce and optimize the tax burdens of corporate clientele while adhering to best practices of clean corporate governance.

Commercial/Corporate Law

We offer best in class corporate law services for effective resolution of challenges and out of court settlements to industry leading companies from a plethora of verticals like real estate, banking, financial services, insurance, brokerage, heavy engineering and more. We offer legal representation, documentation and drafting of precise legal correspondence with public authorities, statutory bodies and investigative agencies.

Land Law

We offer land law services to corporate clientele to enable them resolve issues of commercial land acquisition for industrialization, construction and infrastructure development in keeping with the land acquisition laws applicable to Tanzania for domestic and foreign companies. We also offer legal advisory on land disputes to retail investors and foreign individuals looking for investment opportunities in commercial property, real estate and land in Tanzania.

Criminal Law

We offer expert criminal law services to individual and institutional clientele to negate and neutralize challenges pertaining to criminal law in Tanzania. To this extent we offer the best in industry legal aid and counsel to understand and execute legal services by means of formulation, drafting and representation of court cases of criminal law with a singular aim of coming clean in the verdict.

Insurance Law

Our insurance law services are aimed at offering a robust legal grounding and foundation for processing of insurance claims of individuals and institutions in accordance with the legal framework of loss offsets and compensations. We enable corporate clientele settle insurance claims for merchandise, inventory, infrastructure and fixed assets. We offer individual clientele insurance law services for life, personal and household insurance claims.

Environment Law

Our services of environmental law are aimed at honouring the commitments of social responsibility of corporations in keeping with the triple bottom-line framework of planet, people and profits. We offer legal counsel for sustainability reporting and social audit reports for carbon emissions, renewable energy management and corporate posturing for action on climate change.

Banking Law

We offer best in class banking law services to clientele from the BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) vertical to handle legal cases pertaining to loans, mortgages, reverse mortgages, industrial and institutional credit, individual credit liabilities and loan recovery.

Receivership & Debt Collection

We offer receivership and debt collection services for financial corporations and banks to fight cases of bankruptcy, sub-prime credit and insolvency. Our services of debt collection are aimed at resolving challenges of bad loans, non-performing assets, asset quality reviews of banks and liquidity challenges of banks in keeping with the banking laws of Tanzania and BASSEL III framework.

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