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As a human resource consultant, we specialize in providing strategic solutions and support to businesses seeking to optimize their most valuable asset: their workforce. At VIPAWA , we understand that the success of any organization hinges on the efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction of its employees

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Human resource management
We have a growing reputation earned as a result of helping clients reach their goals.
Legal compliance
Our law services encompass a broad spectrum of corporate and individual requirements of legal counsel
Financial management
Our Financial Management Consultancy provide an independent, expert opinion on a proposed business plan
We always provide people a complete solution focused of any business.
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12+ Years of Experience in Human Resource and Corporate Management

Create Superior Organizational Performance with VMG.
An organizational culture that is well defined or embedded in the behaviors of employees to drive high performance.
Human Resource Systems that attract, retain and motivate employees and align employee performance with the organization's strategy.
Adequate governance and management systems ensure safe, legal, and reliable performance that can be tracked and effectively managed.
A system with good communication that aligns and motivates the employee and puts the right skills into the right work.
About Us

Choose VIPAWA For Your HR and Corporate Management

We are an HRM organization that exists to build high organizational performance for our client organizations.

VIPAWA has an organizational performance system that is centered on building an integrated system for sustainable outstanding performance that is quick to respond to the changing dynamics of a fast-paced competitive world, and that system is made up of HR, FINANCE, COMPLIANCE, LEGAL , and INFO & COMMUNICATION TECH.
Area of practice

VMG offers performance management services in thefollowing industries

Administrative work and mediating between the management and the workers
Ensure compliance with legal, statutory, and regulatory compliance. Compile and carry out the annual staffing plan.
Prepare or update employment records related to hiring, transferring, promoting, and terminating .
Bridge the gap between employees' performance and the organisation's strategic objectives
Oil and Gas
Staffing, training, performance management, compensation, and labour with unique demands.
Provide the employees with proper and judicious guidelines.
Enables companies to achieve a competitive advantage, increase productivity .
Hospitality Industry
Building company loyalty, recruitment , on boarding, maintaining a healthy work environment

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